Harbertonford Village Hall

A website for a village Hall in Devon

Harbertonford Village Hall Website
Harbertonford Village Hall Website

I am a specialist in village hall websites and can provide a tailored solution because I know what my clients need. I also recognise the importance of initial impressions online. You might want a new village hall website for several reasons:


  • Entice new users to the village hall. 
  • Keep users of the village hall informed. 
  • Include a booking system online. 
  • Increase the number of online users. 
  • Get a mobile- and tablet-friendly website. 
  • Add a menu for accessibility.

The website for the community village hall I designed was built on WordPress. It has a simple event system that clearly shows upcoming events. The website is easy to use and looks great on all devices.

Website can be viewed at harbertonfordvillagehall.co.uk