The Creative Brick Company’s New Website

The Creative Brick Company’s new website, designed by a freelance web designer, is colourful and playful, reflecting the joy and creativity of the company’s bespoke events for both children and adults using LEGO. The website features an intuitive online booking system built on WordPress, making it easy for visitors to book their desired event.

As the website designer for The Creative Brick Company, I am excited to showcase a website that genuinely reflects the company’s bespoke and creative events. The website features colourful and playful design elements that perfectly complement the company’s unique services.
One of the key offerings of The Creative Brick Company is their bespoke events for both children and adults. These events are designed to be creative, engaging and memorable, using LEGO bricks as a tool for learning, team-building and fun.

Whether it’s a birthday party, corporate event or team-building exercise, The Creative Brick Company has various event options to suit all needs and ages. The website provides visitors with all the necessary information to make an informed decision about booking an event, including event descriptions, pricing and booking options.

Overall, The Creative Brick Company’s new website reflects their dedication to creativity, fun and innovation. I am proud to have been a part of this project and look forward to seeing the company’s continued success!

Check out the Creative Brick Company Website Here

A web site design for a children's after school lego club