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There is no such thing as Free SEO Services; These 5 Tips should help you get more site traffic.

Sadly there is no such thing as free SEO. You either have to pay for it with money or your time. Now, if you found this article through a Google search, it is a testament to the time and effort we put into our SEO. So put yourself in your customer’s shoes when you view your site and follow these five tips to improve your website traffic.


Audit the links on your website periodically and fix or remove broken links. Visitors dislike getting sent to a dead end, and it’s a frustrating experience for visitors to a website. 


No one wants to wait for a website to load if it takes longer than 3 seconds, people will get bored and look elsewhere. Poor hosting and poorly optimised images are the main factors that contribute to slow load times.

Your website must load pages as quickly as possible without sacrificing the user experience. For example, your website might look for something more like a breath, whereas Google aims for the blink of an eye.


Your website should look good across all mobile phones, tablets or desktops. At the very least, it should be responsive and employ a mobile-first design philosophy.


Not an SEO factor, but your website must consider the abilities of your users; for example, if your design excludes users with visual impairments or other disabilities, you could lose customers. Also, ensure fonts are a manageable height at a minimum of 16px, and a high contrast colour scheme is used.



Title tags are essential for various reasons. Search engines rely heavily on title tags to determine a page’s topic. More importantly, they aid searchers in understanding the content on your website, assisting them in selecting the most relevant outcome for whatever query they may be using.


An HTML element called a “meta description” offers a brief web page overview. A page’s meta description tag is intended to give the user a sense of the material on the page and how it relates to their search query. It is displayed as part of the search snippet in a search engine results page (SERP). 

While The meta description does not affect SEO, it might affect a page’s click-through rate (CTR) in Google SERPs, which might help a page rank. This is because the website can “advertise” content to searchers in these brief paragraphs. The searcher can assess whether the content is likely related to their query and provides the information they’re looking for.

Because meta descriptions indirectly impact search rankings and mainly because they can significantly impact user behaviour, it’s essential to put some effort into writing them.


The alt text attribute is part of an image tag and describes an image. In HTML, it may look like this:

<img src=”URL” alt=”Your image description goes here”>

A key component of image optimisation is alt text. It makes your images available to both humans and search engines (by explaining what each image signifies) (by displaying an alternative text in case a specific image cannot be loaded or by helping screen readers convey images).

The critical advantage of search engine optimisation is that properly written alt texts will raise your images in image search results. A written description fills in the remaining gaps even though artificial intelligence has gotten very good at reading pictures.


You can run a technical SEO audit can be used to check and resolve any issues from these 5 points. If you cannot audit your website, we can offer a technical SEO service at a fixed price of £175 for small websites (up to 20 pages). We can provide a report for your web admin to act on or we can carry out the work on your behalf. (at an additional charge)