Launching the New Website for Louise Plant

I have launched a new WordPress website for artist Louise Plant, focusing on user-friendliness and easy administration. Louise Plant is a renowned contemporary sculptor with an international presence. Check out her work at

I am thrilled to announce the completion of the new website for Devon-based artist Louise Plant. This project was a labour of love, designed with both users and administrators in mind to ensure an intuitive and seamless experience. The website, built on the robust WordPress platform, incorporates Advanced Custom Fields (ACF Pro) to provide the required functionality and flexibility. This powerful combination allows for easy updates and management by the site administrator, ensuring the site remains current and engaging.

The design process involved creating carefully crafted templates to maintain a consistent and visually appealing aesthetic throughout the website. This attention to detail ensures that visitors can effortlessly navigate the site, explore Louise’s extensive portfolio, read about her artistic journey, or stay updated with her latest news and exhibitions. Our goal was to create a digital space that not only showcases Louise Plant’s incredible body of work but also reflects the sophistication and creativity of her sculptures.

Louise Plant website blog section
Design for front page of new web design

Louise Plant is a celebrated contemporary artist known for her dynamic and thought-provoking sculptures. Her artwork combines organic forms and abstract concepts, delving into the intricate relationships between nature, movement, and human emotion. With a career spanning several decades, Plant has exhibited her work internationally. She has received critical acclaim for transforming materials such as stone, metal, and resin into captivating, fluid shapes. Her innovative approach and masterful technique invite viewers to engage deeply with her art, leaving a lasting impact on the modern art scene.

Visit Louise Plant’s official website at to explore her sculptures, prints, and drawings. Learn about her background and achievements, and stay updated with her latest news and exhibitions.